Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Things are great with the Benacs. Right now we're making thousands of red marks on tests and finals so we can send all our little intellectuals home for the holidays with a report card. This is quite the tragedy because all we really want to do is drink eggnog and celebrate Christmas. 

Since we last wrote our days have been filled with fun, family, and firsts.
In early November we spent the weekend in College Station visiting Drew's family and brother who goes to college there.  David marched at half time of the football game and told us all about his everyday life in the Corps.  We just found out that he passed his classed this semester and they're letting him come back in the fall (great job Dave!)  A&M got creamed by OU but managed to score at least once which was occasion enough for a first ever touchdown kiss (an A&M tradition- sorry no picture).

The very next weekend we took our first camping trip together!  Went to a state park just North of Houston, the weather was great and we got to do some awesome hiking.  Here we are at our campsite.  
Next we headed home for thanksgiving and were able to spend some great time with both sides of the family.   It was fun coming home for the first time since being married.  The first night at the Williams' Drew freaked out when he woke up in Hannah's bed but then remembered he was married now and sleeping with Hannah was okay.  The Benacs were great hosts (you set out the red towels and everything mom - thanks) and it was fun to hang out with the boys. 

That very next weekend we were off again. This time to Dallas where we were able to see our good friends Mark and Megan (getting married in February) as well as Cody and Emily.  Hannah spent time with Megan at a shower while Drew and Mark worked on building Hannah's Christmas present (pictures to come next time).  Cody and Emily were awesome hosts as always.  We loved catching up, going to church, watching Cody coach, and who can forget the great chicken fried steak at J. Gilligans! 

On our way home from Dallas we made an awesome discovery and bought a $10 tree at IKEA. Who knew? It survived the highway trip on the top of the Accord and now sits beautifully decorated in our living room.  Check it out! 
We are both so blessed to have so many special ornaments from our families including these two latest additions from the Benacs.  
We have loved getting ready for out first Christmas together.  Hannah has decorated the apartment and it looks amazing.  We have been able to have several guests over recently and are so thankful that our home can be a place where God's love is felt and shared.  

God has been so good to us lately.  He has continued to watch over us and is leading us.  We have had an awesome answer to prayer over the last few months as Drew has been accepted to two medical school!  You can be praying that the Lord would lead us and prepare the palce he wants us to be next year. 

This weekend we will celebrate Christmas together (Whoohoo!), go to a Shane and Shane Christmas concert on Saturday night and then head home on Sunday.  We can't wait to see most of you soon.  We love you and Merry Christmas again!