Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recent Projects

I recently picked up and old table saw and router table for dirt cheap. It's been a ton of fun learning how to use these new tools. It's also been spring cleaning around old town Temple which means people are throwing away some great old wood. I've picked up a bunch lately and been able to make a few cool things. Take a look.

A red toy box for a bunch of lincoln logs we found at a garage sale

The best piece yet, a TV cabinet out of old salvaged wood

Since we moved in, our yard has needed some serious help. Last summer I tried using sod but that was a failure. This spring I put down a cool weather seed mix that does well in the shade and hot weather ($25 6 lb bad covered the whole yard twice). The toughest part was loosening up the soil with the hoe. Here's the before...

and after...
Looking good so far. Watering and fertilizing seems to be doing the trick.