Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rained out!

Hi everybody!  Things with the Benacs are good - especially today (a Tuesday) as we are both home for the day due to severe flooding in the Houston area last night.  Yes, thank you Lord. 

Last week we had some big news when Hannah took a job as the new third grade teacher at Tyler Elementary in Belton (which is just next to Temple).  We are so excited and got to watch the Lord take care of us every step along the way in the job hunting process.  It was long and rigorous at times but Hannah had multiple offers to choose from and really felt that Tyler was the right place for her with lots of opportunities to minister to all types of kids.  To check out Hannah's school go to this link: http://www.bisd.net/tyler/ 

Now the next big decision in front of us will be deciding on a place to live. We have been looking into both apartments and houses, crunching some numbers and praying about the right place to be.  This weekend we are traveling to Temple to look at some houses with a realtor and stay with one of Dr. Williams old classmates Dr. Murdock and his family for the night - again so taken care of.  Please continue to pray for us with this decision.  Regardless of where we live, it looks like we will be moving the week following the July 4th weekend since our lease is up on the 11th.  

At FBBA things are going well.  We have a countdown going on at home for the end of school.  21 days until summer in case you were wondering.  Recently we attended our school's annual fundraiser, The Groovy Gala, and chaperoned the high school Sadie Hawkins dance, skate into the 80's. Both were fun times that called for appropriate dress. 

Looking groooovy!

Skat'n into the 80s
Another highlight for us has been several weekends with family, including a few that have taken place right here in our apartment.  We were in Austin at the end of March for the capital 10K which was a blast.  We ran the six plus miles through downtown with no problems until Drew almost passed out in class later that week due to late onset dehydration.  Guess the days of the college athlete are over.  Over Easter weekend the Williams came to visit and it was so fun to show them our church, our school and where we have lived the last year.  The Benac boys (David and Dylan) came up this past weekend for some hang out time, golfing, and lots of wii.  Thanks to all of you who have made such a special effort to come visit - we have loved having you. 

At Lupe's with the guys

Well that about wraps in up for us.  Thanks for your prayers, please let us know how we can be praying for you.  We have been learning a lot about being patient, waiting on the Lord's timing, and living content in all circumstances.  We love you all!

-Drew and Hannah