Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi Everyone! We are still alive and well and we both apologize for taking so long to update! This summer has been busy but very exciting as we move and are starting our life in Temple. We have been here a little over a week and have been in awe at how the Lord has continued to show His faithfulness to us in caring for us, providing for us and blessing us. We are so thankful. Here is a brief summer update....

We had a fantastic end of school and a wonderful send off. We then had about a month before we moved so I babysat for 2 kids and Drew helped coached our school's basketball camp. We tried to do some "Houston things" before we left like go to the symphony in the park, visited the Waterwall, and (my favorite) shop at the biggest flea market in Houston! We also packed and packed some more as well as did as many house projects as we could from our little porch in our apt.    

We were also able to go to Al and Shannon’s wedding in Abilene. The wedding was beautiful and we loved being a part of it and being with family. That same weekend we threw a baby shower for Emily and had a great time! We can’t wait for that little girl to come!              

So we packed our entire apt. and then headed off to Orange Beach Alabama with Hannah’s family for vacation. The best surprise of all was having Luke, Jane, and Tyler meet us in Houston for an Astros game before we left. No one has any idea they were coming and it was a blast to have the whole family together for the night! Thanks Mom and Dad J We loved hanging out at the beach and relaxing right before the big move! Thanks Grandma for an awesome vacation!

We came back and moved the next day! We were so blessed to have friends help us and have been working on the house day and night (literally!) since we arrived! So far we have painted our room, the living room and the kitchen. Put in a new door, put up the porch swing Drew built, tried to get our grass green again (hasn’t worked yet), and much more! Drew’s family came up to help last weekend and it was awesome! We got so much done! We have met a few of our neighbors who are really nice and love our neighborhood! We have enjoyed somewhat getting to know the city and are excited to be here. We were also able to go to a Bible study for med students and residents this week that we really enjoyed. We’ll end with some house pictures! We love you all and can’t wait for you to come visit! 

The new homeowners!

Our new 1106 tiles that we bought at the flea market

Our kitchen in progress…We are painting the cabinets and they have not yet been but on and there is part of the island that Drew is building in the middle. He is quite the handy man!

Us on the porch swing Drew built! We never could have hung it without the help of Drew’s Dad!!

 freshly painted living room J

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Catie said...

So good to hear what's going on with you guys! Sounds like you've had a very eventful summer! Congrats on becoming homeowners! Now your work will never end...but its fun work!