Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of summer

Hi everyone! Well it's official, summer has ended. Tomorrow Hannah will to head to her first day of school and Drew will head back into the world of cadavers and books. All in all though, we have had a great summer. In the last three months we have finished two jobs, started another, started medical school , bought a house, taken some great vacations, and most recently, got a dog!

She was a rescue dog looking for a home that we fell in love with her as soon as we saw her picture in an email. She is extremely smart and well behaved for a puppy. She knows how so sit, come, fetch and even shake! It's been an exciting couple weeks having Annie in the house and she has been a great addition.

In addition to Annie, there have been lots of changes for the Benacs recently. A month ago Drew had his first day of medical school and last week he took his first test. He has really enjoyed getting to know his classmates and the material he is learning. One of his most unique experiences so far has been the weekly dissections in the gross anatomy lab. Tomorrow, for instance, Drew and he classmates will be taking out the heart! Alot of people say that medical school initially is like trying to drink for a fire hose and that has been pretty true this far. He is anxious to get his test grade back this week to see how he did.

While Drew has been pulling his hair out studying all day, Hannah ahs been hard at work in her classroom. Tyler Elementary in Belton seems to be a great place. The teachers are committed to each other and to their students and the the administration runs a tight ship. Hannah seems to be part of a really great team of teachers that has made her transition to a new school this year really smooth. Her classroom is beautifully decorated now and twenty lucky kids will get to spend their first day with the best teacher ever starting tomorrow.

Towards the end of summer we got to spend some great times with friends and family. We have had the Williams visit, Bekah, Dustin and recently spent a weekend a the lake with the Benacs. It was great to see all the boys before they head off to school and we had so much fun in the river, playing games and even skiing on the lake thanks to Taylor and Jon Yarbrough.

Things with us are going great. Temple is a great place with everything we need and it's quickly becomming home. Continue to pray for us as the fall starts, that we would be faithful servants of the Lord at our schools and whereever He would have us go.

Hope everyone is well. If you're ever in the area don't hesitate to stop by, we're 5 minutes off I-35. God Bless

Drew, Hannah and Annie

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